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Springfield North High Class 1965
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Springfield North High Class 1965
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Springfield North High Class 1965
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Springfield North High Class of 1965

Class Veterans
Thank you for your service to all of our classmates who are Veterans. Many are Veterans but unfortunately I do not know who they are. In order to provide a small amount of recognition I would like to list those classmates who have served. I have listed a few, including myself, but I am sure that there are others. Send me an email with a few words describing your service and I will post it here. Especially for our age group it was a time of the draft and an extremely unpopular war. Certainly anyone in the military was not recognized the way they are today. That being said, here is the start of a list of veterans from our class. I look forward to adding more classmates.

Jim Fraley - Jim served in the USAF for 3 1/2 years (6/1965 - 12/1968) and was very proud to be part of that military brotherhood. He spent a year in Southeast Asia (actually 11 Months and 27 days, 6/1967-6/1968), with his time split between bases in Viet Nam and Thailand. At the completion of his enlistment he was discharged from the USAF in Panama City, Florida. One tour in Southeast Asia was enough. He would have re-enlisted had hereceived an assignment that would guarantee that he would not end up back in Viet Nam. Over the years he often wondered how that decision changed his life.

Steve Metzger - Steve was proud to serve in the Navy, and in fact, retire from the Navy. He served one year in Danang, Vietnam as an advisor and was recalled to active duty during Desert Storm.

John Clauer - At the 75 year birthday reunion, John Clauer told me that he served in the Marine Corps during several campaigns. John has since retired from the Marine Corps. John, if you see this, you can elaborate and provide more information. Thanks.

I plan to leave this link available for awhile. It is the link to the pictures of the 75th Birthday Party. Because of the number of pictures there are two slide shows, side by side and independent of one another. Please enjoy.

75th Birthday Party Pictures

I would like to continue to show my oldest granddaughter harmonizing acapella with herself. I think it is pretty cool. Enjoy. Just click on the link. Also, make sure your audio is turned on.
Harmonize Acapella

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